Holy Priest Mythic+ Setup

Im slightly confused, Iv been using AMR for years now and its never lead my off the path. but when i load up Mythic + for holy priests its having me prioritize Mastery over Crit, and everywhere i read (Warcraft Priest discord, Icyveins) its saying it should be crit

Also is there a way to change weights like their used to be?

You can create a custom gearing strategy with the simulator. That will have an option to use stat weights instead of our new scoring method, and you can tweak them there.

To answer your first question: Mastery gives you more healing per item budget than any other stat, by a long shot. I’m frankly surprised it has not been nerfed. (I main a Holy Priest, if that matters to you.) Unless people are dying so fast that you can’t make use of the 6 second HoT, it is so far and away Holy’s best stat. I don’t know what math/method those other sources of information are using, but I’m using the healing simulator that we built to create our gearing strategies and verify that they work.