Holy Priest sim rotation potential issues in 9.2

With the tier set in 9.2, the holy priest rotation has shifted away from keeping PoM and CoH on CD, especially during high damage phases, due to how the tier set works. Chastise has also been put into the rotation for healing due to the tier set. Has the coded rotation been updated for 9.2?

Getting info from here + other sources

I did a little bit - I can take a look at that and see if anything results in a noticeable gain. I predict any differences will be quite minor, but if it affects gearing at all I can let you know.

I tested out a bunch of these things… the relative value of Prayer of Mending and Circle of Healing has gone down… but I’m essentially finding that taking them out of the rotation is more or less healing-neutral. Whether you use them or not the total healing falls well within any reasonable margin of error.

I’ll continue to mess around with it some… but I think a lot of this is wishful thinking that the set bonus is actually good :frowning: