Holy Priest - Spell Haste


Why does the prest BIS seem to dislike spell haste?

There are a few threads in the forums that discuss this.

It comes down to our methodology for healer gearing. I’ll try to give you the TLDR version.

We take an approach that attempts to maximize how much total healing you could do with your given mana pool over the course of an entire fight. Haste isn’t very good when healing/mana is the main metric.

Our data does take into account that you will need to heal people to full before more damage goes out, so haste isn’t completely ignored as a potential stat. It just doesn’t stack up, theoretically.

Many players perform better and/or feel better if they have higher haste. How much haste is “correct”? That is a very subjective question. There is not an answer that fits for everyone. There is not a simulation that I could run which would measure that for you. So, we choose to show you how to get maximum total healing possible with your mana pool, and then you can use the customization features to add in haste to where you feel comfortable.

I personally heal on my holy priest with almost no haste and have very good results. Some people do not have the same experience.

Thank you for the reply. I had taken the look for an existing post but could not see any.

Its a shame spell haste is not on the stat threshold. All the healers in my guild are too good so I need every chance I get to snipe a heal!

I think this highlights one of the big problems with healing in WoW. It’s no fun when you feel like you have to fight against the other healers on your team to “get heals”. You should feel like you have to work with them to keep everyone alive - any wasted healing due to sniping should be detrimental to the encounter.