Holy Priest with Tier Set not populating BiB with set bonus

Snapshot ID: 9e7ff5b4118a463c9d095e1de9926650

I have 5/5 tier pieces and have two different customized builds and a standard M+ build with no customized secondary stat weights. However, AMR is only equipping a 2-set of the tier rather than a 4-set. So the BiB recommendations are not taking full advantage of the tier set. In each case it is only generating a BiB setup with 2-piece tier bonus.

Yeah, I’m having a hard time getting it to simulate well in our healing simulator. It just isn’t increasing the total output very much, even when I change things up to specifically play around it. I can experiment with it more this week, but I think it is a pretty underwhelming set bonus.

The design of the bonus is not very good, in my opinion. You get a large boost to a “filler” spell immediately after casting a spell that does a ton of healing… which is the exact time you don’t need it much… which tends towards overhealing unless you have a very low health target or multiple low health targets. It ends up being highly situational - to the point that I feel like I would have to design a situation for it in the simulator to make it look good. If that’s the case, is it actually good?

I totally get that. I would be fine with an option to simply require it to use 4 of the set pieces and it can calculate which combination of them gives the best result. Like simply running the same calculations that it runs today, but “lock in” at least 4 of the tier pieces in the same way other items get locked in.

I’ll take a look at how the code is written for the set bonuses - I don’t know how hard it would be to make that work. I’ll see if we can add it in without messing anything up.

Actually - I think it’s your custom stat setup that is causing the optimizer to not pick the set bonus. By default it will pick it. The custom stats must be skewing the score of the stats on your items to the point that it thinks getting better stats is more important than the set bonus. We can try to mess it some, but there are a lot of competing priorities in a case like this, so simply forcing the set bonus might be the way to go.

I added an option to force the tier set bonuses that you can try out with your custom setup. The option should only be used when the optimizer doesn’t naturally pick the set bonuses (which is most of the time).

This makes sense. But also the standard M+ options were not generating outputs with the tier set.

That is amazing and works! Thanks so much!