Holy Priest wrong optimize !?

why do the robot let cancel haste to min and mastery as master.
9.1.5 is another stats :frowning: the holy priest m+ is same like raid :frowning:
i think something is wrong…

Our gearing strategies generally do not favor haste on holy priest. Haste is a stat that can feel good for a lot of players, but it doesn’t result in the most healing being done - unless you have plenty of extra mana. We don’t optimize for fights in which you are not mana-limited. In that case, your stats don’t matter as much.

If you use the slider on the gearing strategy to change the suggestions from “all healing” to start including some DPS in the calculation - you’ll see some haste picked up and mastery reduced. Mastery is the best stat for healing, but does not contribute at all to damage.

I play my priest with very low haste, exactly how the website recommends, and I have always done extremely well in-game.

thats not right… with 55% mastery and 1% haste, i dont can heal in m+19 or higher… but with 12% haste and 50% mastery its possible…

in the new 9.1.5 guides is haste higher then mastery…

Maybe I didn’t explain it quite right…

From a numbers perspective, if you want to get the most healing you can from your mana pool - mastery is the most efficient stat.

Haste is a mostly subjective stat for holy priests. If you can heal with no haste on your gear, you’ll do more healing. But, if you feel that you need some more responsiveness, you should get some haste. I can’t measure exactly how much haste you should get, since it is a feeling, not a number to shoot for.

I suggest you use the “customize” tab in the optimizer. Enable the secondary stat customization and adjust the ratios of the stats to the point that the optimizer gets the amount of haste that you feel comfortable with.

I personally play my holy priest with almost zero haste and don’t have problems, but that’s just me and my group that is able to handle it.

Hi, allow me please to resurrect this topic a little.
Whatever the case with sat weights it is absurd that ARM is pushing Holy Priest into 0 Haste territory. Ok, we can agree that this is subjective how much haste feels good but in terms of BiB suggestions it is often bonkers. It recommends items of much lower item level. As much as Haste is being devaluated Mastery on the other hand is skyrocketing and I am a believer it shouldn’t be for M+ where you need to deal with quick reaction/quick result type of scenario. Most guides support this philosophy. I am fine with super high Mastery for raiding but there is almost no difference between Raid and M+ strategy sims anyway. What I ended up doing is opening “Customize” feature - “Customize how secondary stats are allocated” and allocating more haste at the cost of mastery on the pie. Not entirely sure if this is right thing to do but it started suggesting me less items with Mastery.

At the end of the day it almost makes you feel like ARM is worthless for a Holy Priest which is nothing else but a little disappointing.

I don’t see how it could be “worthless” when the customize features we built in are working exactly how you want them to. The gearing strategy slider being moved a little towards damage will have similar effects.

I feel that I have explained why we are recommending gear differently than other guides would. I have also tried the gearing strategies out in-game this expansion, as I play a priest as one of my main characters. This method of picking gear for healers is different than what other guides will say, yes, but it also works. If you do not prefer it, we have easy ways for you to adjust it to your preferences.

To add one more piece to this:

Why am I pretty stubborn about this? Why not change the site to somehow favor getting a little more haste?

Two reasons:
1.) I think there is room for more than one approach to gearing healers “out there” in the world of the internet. It is not important to me that everyone agrees on one way to do it.

2.) If I pick some amount of haste (10%? 15%? 20%?) based on… someone’s feelings… now I have an arbitrary, subjective variable added to the optimization. I can’t use the simulation results directly, so now I’ll have all sorts of ambiguous situations to deal with. Example: If you want 10% haste, and there is a trinket with a proc that gives 5% haste randomly… is that good? Or bad? I can’t objectively rank that item anymore. The whole system starts to break down. I want the simulation results to be the source of the data. The only way to make the simulator want more haste would be to simulate a fight so short that you don’t run out of mana - but that’s not really why people want haste. They want it because it feels better. It makes more sense for haste to be a user customization in this case. Players who are able to play with the least amount of haste will be able to do the most healing across a mythic+ and have to stop for mana less often.


I know you are right and the tool is great with its customizing options which I take full advantage of. We have to agree on one thing though. Out of the box settings (regardless of raid or m+ strategy slider!) when you want to compare two items AMR is suggesting the one with mastery over haste even at the significant cost of ilvl and thus primary stat. If we go this route I subjectively think it is not optimal at all for real gameplay scenario. Especially for someone new to this.
I think many people as a priest are being put off and confused by ARM for that reason. Not only most if not all guides put haste high for M+ but generally item level always comes first with few exceptions of course.
Maybe I am just trying to be too “binary” here and for me ARM serves its purpose as gearing beacon for DPS specs and just not so much for healers. I accept the fact that with extra knowledge it is far from worthless.

I do appreciate you took the time to reply to this topic.