Homogeneity of results between vault and MM+ upgrade finder

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If you look into this snapshot you should have a neck called Understone Gorget stated as “not an upgrade” in the vault.

In the MM+ upgrade section;

It’s stated as a +0.91% upgrade and it looks overvalued here.

In BiS it’s stated as a +0.1% (so margin of error compare to BiS gear)
(other subject but, AMR souldn’t select this one instead


I’m more interested in the upgrade finder homogeneity fix, i could be more confident on what to farm or not. For example; should i spent 50min to try to get this trinket :

? or is it marginal error like the neck ? With add to my bag it seem homogeneous

So it could be very specific to this neck or neck in general
I also have a second case in the MW spec with this vault and the neck “Kagni’s Scorching Talisman”

The Great Vault, Add to my bag, Catalyst, and Flightstone/Crest searches use a different ranking method than the other Upgrade Finder searches – it does a lot more processing and gets a result that should be nearly identical to running Best in Bags as if you had the item in question in your inventory. (It won’t always be exactly the same, but it should be very close.)

The other searches like raid or Mythic+ use a faster ranking – they essentially take your current Best in Bags setup, swap the one item in place of your current item in that slot, fill any gems/enchants on the item in question, then score it. Thus… you can sometimes see slightly different scores. The above-mentioned searches will always be a bit more accurate than these searches.

The ranked lists that you see when clicking a slot on e.g. Best in Slot are ranked using the “quick” method like the Upgrade Finder Raid and Mythic+ searches.

I’m working on some ways to speed up the optimizer enough to use the same scoring method for all upgrade finder searches. That will take a bit of experimentation and testing before it is ready though.

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No problem! Sound great !
Except this “not what I was expecting” moment scoring is pretty strong and accurate.

You are doing great thank you !