Honorbound Vanguard's Sholderguards Bug

Mr. Robot says that the shoulders from battle season 1 and Arathi Warfront are different from the ones that came from the battle of stormgrade. Seems all of the pieces say they are different even thou the levels and stats are the same.

If they’re anything like the 7th Legionnaire sets, then there are THREE looks for every piece… and only one counts for the ‘Warfront’ PvP set; for example; look in the appearances tab, under any slot, and type in Honorbound in the search box… make sure you have collected and not collected checked, too.*

That said; as far as I know all items of the same iL, of all three looks should have the same stat. ‘spend’ & the same item number… so unless the items you have have fallen foul of source (where you want gear to be considered from) filtering, I’m outta ideas, for now.

Post your game output string & ‘better than me’ may be able to decipher for you.

Looks like you already have… sorry.

There are multiple versions of these items in-game, with different ids, bonus ids, etc.