How are consumable sharpening stones working?

For the Classic sim when using sharpening stones in the consumables list it only allows you to select one type. In game you are able to apply different stones to each weapon when dual wielding (except when you have windfury totem.)

It would be nice to be able to sim using different stones on main and offhand weapons and compare.

Also it’s not clear if when windfury totem is selected as a raid buff if you’re only simming with an offhand sharpening stone and vise versa .

For the setting, we apply the same sharpening stone to both weapons right now, and if you have windfury, we assume you aren’t using a sharpening stone.

If it’s common for people to use other setups, we can look into supporting that.

I think there are two improvements that would help.

Being able to use different stones on each weapon.

Being able to compare consumables usage in general, but especially sharpening stones, since we’ve seen it being assumed elemental sharpening stones as being superior, but not everyone agrees.