How can I make a custom target dummy with no execute range

I want a dummy that is always 100% health like the real thing. how can I do this? Id say it already is like this but on my warrior there is still a large percent of execute damage.

ive tried setting execute range in the custom target from 0.30 to 0.0 but that isnt working. I dont wanna make a custom rotation without execute since I get the free procs.

You can’t really get rid of the execute range entirely… but you can significantly shrink it.

Make a copy of the appropriate target dummy boss script for your spec, then edit it, and set Health Modifiers to this:


  "0.01": "0.5"

What that does is say “when 1% of the fight is remaining, the boss is at 50% health”. So your execute phase will be extremely short, like a second. Should do what you want.

nice that worked, thanks!