How can I tell which spec does more damage?

Hi there,

When reviewing the best in slot items for my SOM marksman hunter - I can see the +DPS% for the best items vs my current items with the configured spec.

What I am having trouble with is determining which spec does more DPS.

When I change the spec configuration (say 2/31/18 vs 20/31/0) - I can only see how my DPS improves within the chosen spec.

Is there a way to compare the two different specs so I know when to switch out of the +hit build into something else?


We don’t do comparisons across specs with the optimizer – we focus on evaluating the relative value of gear setups within a give spec.

We do this for various reasons… predicting the absolute amount of damage that you will do with a spec in-game with high precision is very difficult. There are too many variables that cannot be modeled exactly – everything from how your team tends to do a fight, random fight mechanics, latency, etc.

In contrast, predicting the relative value of sets of gear is a more tractable problem that the optimizer handles well. Using a trivial example to illustrate: if gear set 1 is identical to gear set 2 in all ways except that it has +1 agility, gear set 1 is clearly superior. The optimizer can figure that out.