How do I use my own stat weights?

All advice I can find elsewhere disagrees with AMR’s evaluation of my stat weights as a resto shaman. I would like to use my own stat weights. How do I do this? I can’t find an option for it.

Falls into the category of ‘no one site is God’’; all any site can give is recommendations, what you do with them is up to you. If other sites don’t offer the gear optimiser that AMR does, but give you the stat. weighting you want to see, that’s a different matter… as is how other sites arrive at their recommendations.

This early in a new Expansion I can’t see that ‘higher iL is better’ is unsound thinking, with no Raids currently available for L120’s, min-maxing isn’t anything that any site would likely be offering… yet.

Well no, but I used to be able to set my own stat weights on AMR. I could configure them myself. Why was this removed?

To be frank, if I am unable to use the stat weights that I know are best and can only rely on AMR’s model, then all the other features like bonus roll optimizer, etc., become useless to me and I have no reason to keep my subscription.

You can run a gearing strategy on the simulator. If you don’t like the weights, you can edit those ones (you just can’t edit the default ones we provide). If you need help running a gearing strategy, or don’t have a computer that can do it, let me know. I can run it for you but would need your character name and realm.

I have the same question like grays42. Why can’t I simply use my own stat weights without first running some program on my PC? I use askmrrobot for at least 3 expansions now and it was never that complicated to use it. I could always edit the stat weights simply by putting in my own numbers. Seems easy enough for me… and don’t worry my numbers are already simed. I use simulationcraft and/or raidbot for it. I don’t understand the need for “running a gearing strategy” first and are very uncomfortable to have to use a third party program for it. If you can run the sim for me then my character name is “Merionas” on “Antonidas - EU”.

Thanks Zooper. How do I edit them though? I’m missing something in the menu–I’ve checked all over the interface and I can’t find a way to manually specify the weights I want.

I don’t need to run a sim off of logs, I know what I want. I may do logs later, once we get into Uldir.

So, first you have to run a gearing strategy on the simulator. That gets you a custom report.

Once you do that, you can edit the stat weights to be anything you want, on that report. You’ll see a ‘save and use’ button, right below that you’ll see 2 options: machine learning, and stat weight.

Select the stat weights option. Then you can edit them.

When you are done, click the ‘save and use’ button. Then you can select that setup on the gear optimization part of the site.

Edit: to clarify, we don’t let you edit the weights on the default strategies, since they adapt to you and so one set of weights doesn’t work with the adaptive behavior.

hello, i have a similar question actually, i quit the game some time ago and looking into getting back, and the one thing i really liked doing in this game is things like twinking my havoc dh to have a lot of mastery so i can run really fast, i know it’s a very specific thing but i was able to do this with the last expansion, but now i can’t with the updated site? all i wanted to do is set my own weights (all to 1 except mastery to 100) and see how much mastery i can get at level 110 and 111 with the new items, and as i mentioned i haven’t subscribed again to the game so i can’t log in and use the addon, i just want to run the optimizer on the site like i was previously able to, thanks.

Blaiwin, you can do it if you run a custom gearing strategy first. If your computer can’t handle it, send me your character name and realm once you are ready to get back in the game, and I can run it for you. Once we have a custom one, then you can edit the stat weights for leveling with mastery.

Again… I have the same problem. My character has the name “Merionas” on “Antonidas - EU”. Thanks for running the custom gearing strategy for me.

@aidler Sorry I didn’t get to this until now, I feel terrible for leaving you hanging. I am running your gearing strategy, when it is done, you can save the report for your own use, and then edit the stat weights. The report will be here: Not Available

If you click on that before it is done, just wait a little bit. It shouldn’t take too long on my computer.

hey, just got back to this post and i tried installing the sim thing but it’s taking a long time, my character is blaiwin a demon hunter on realm “frostmane-EU”

edit: it just gave me this error: “A gearing strategy requires azerite items to be equipped in the Head, Shoulder, and Chest slots.”

i guess i can’t do it until i get the expansion?

Mr. Robot is, as far as I know, only designed for level 120 characters.

It works for current Expansion, but is optimised for max. level, yes.

but like i said in my previous post i want to twink my character and looking for the best items, besides the thing i’m looking for was already available in the previous site so why change?
if this can’t do it is there any other site that can? or do i have to manually add each item and calculate it on my own?

Sadly this is the reason I am canceling my subscription to AMR. I want to be able to set my stats to what I want and look for best in bags and upgrades. Since that isn’t here anymore I will be moving on.

You can set your own stat weights, but you have to first generate some data that is roughly compatible with your character. This works the same way that it did in Legion.

The only difference is that in Legion we had the “imaginary” strategies that let you specify everything by hand. Nobody really used those though… or if they did, they didn’t fill in the value for any of the special stuff (like set bonuses, legendaries, trinkets)… which results in a pretty useless gear ranking.

You run into the same problem in BfA – unless you specify a value for azerite powers and trinkets, just stat weights aren’t very helpful. So we have a method for you to calculate the minimum set of data required to rank gear reasonably well, and then you can customize the stat weights as you see fit.