How do I use the wonderful Ask.Mr.Robot website to help me figure out the best PvP Gear, Talents, Etc?

I’ve been using this website for years now but I’m at a loss when it comes to optimizing for PvP. I’ve had this question asked before and I’ve received answers for it, but I can’t seem to remember what people on the support team have told me.

It seems there’s only a single target or a multi-target simulation method, but what about a PvP method?

I appreciate any help!! Thanks :slight_smile:

We don’t do PvP gear optimization. There was a time when we had some nominal support for it in past iterations of WoW PvP gear… but now PvP is a lot different. There are special talents, changes to abilities, etc. PvP is not what we are particularly knowledgeable about, so we don’t do anything for it currently.

Is there a resource out there that helps optimize for PvP, in a similar method to this website?

Not that I am aware of, considering there isn’t really anything else like this site out there. There are a number of guides and suggested builds that I believe you could find for WoW PvP. I don’t know what the players in the know consider the good sources of info for PvP, though. There aren’t combat logs to analyze or simulations to run like PvE… so it is all rather anecdotal and meta-driven from what I have seen.

thanks! that does make sense. that makes it kinda exciting, to be honest. like experiment here and there. someone building a resource like that would be interesting to see