How does AMR prioritize Azerite Traits?

I’m asking as I’ve been levelling my DH as a Vengeance tank and it seems like the Azerite suggestions are “off”. I say this because they have, as far as I can recollect, NEVER suggested a spec specific trait for my tank. For example, on my Blood Bog Headcover I have Blood Rite (non-spec specific) and Gaping Maw (Vengeance specific). AMR is suggesting Blood Rite even though Gaping Maw seems to me to be a better defensive tool. Now I readily admit that I am no theorycrafter…not by a LONG shot, but having AMR only suggest generic traits doesn’t seem right.

I’m curious as to what criteria are used to determine the suggestions. Please dumb your answer down to a 3rd Grade level, 'cause, y’know? :slight_smile:

I`m agree with dhofmeister. BiB suggestions for Azerite traits are very “strange”. They not equal,for example, priority lists from “Icy Veins” or “WowHead” sites. So I need to ignore BiB Azerite suggestions. For my Resto druid AMR give solution to select traits, that work from DAMAGE abilities… LOL. Sorry…