How does raid composition effect simulations?

If the raid group was all one class, like Druids for example would this cause significant differences in what AMR would suggest because it expects a varied class setup?

This depends on what spec you are talking about. For healers and tanks, the number of people and composition of healers in the group makes a difference. For DPS, raid composition doesn’t affect anything.

We run raid healing sims with 20 people and 4 healers. The 3 “other” healers are a resto druid, mistweaver, and holy priest. For tank sims the healers are scaled back pretty far to allow the tank to do as much of the work of keeping themselves alive as possible.

The guild I’m in is an all Druid guild, would that have a significant impact on results? I don’t really mind if its something minor.

It would probably change healing sims somewhat. It would not affect anything else.

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