How does the BiB system work

Hello roboters

Im having some trouble understanding how the BiB system works. What build does the BiB system use for a frost dk. During raids I use breath of sindragosa build and it was to my understanding that mastery had more priority over haste but the BiB system gives me haste over mastery. The breath build also uses the legendary, ‘seal of necrofantasia’ as a staple of sorts aswell but the BiB system does not suggest it as the best option…how does the BiB system work!!

Our current defaults are based on a single build that is common, which might not be the same as your build. You would probably want to run a custom strategy: Stat weights - How to generate a custom gearing strategy

We are busily working on an update for 7.2.5 where are “defaults” (or whatever we end up calling them) cover a lot more cases, so the need to generate custom strategies will become rare. This change will be announced and come with some UI updates to make it very clear what it is (and isn’t) doing.