How does the simulator pick which trinket to use?

I’ve noticed in Not Available that AMR is not currently using my IQD trinket along with my convoke burst on the opener, but instead using my Soulletting Ruby which should have much lower value (since by the time the stat proc arrives the convoke burst is done).

I couldn’t figure out how the simulator picks which trinket to use, is there any way this could be tuned a bit better? +706 mastery (at ilvl 223) is a very significant boost to moonkin burst, and I suspect AMR might be undervaluing this trinket because of this bad priority/ordering.

I’d have to look up the logic… in general I think that it should use longer CD trinkets first, but doesn’t seem to be the case here. Have you tried swapping the order of your trinkets and see if it changes which gets used first?

You can also modify the rotation to explicitly use a specific trinket at a specific time. We do that sometimes with special items, but haven’t with IQD yet.

The ranking for IQD would not be impacted by this – we use a special set of simulations for ranking trinkets.

Yeah, I tried swapping the equipment order and it still prefers the 2min trinket.