How lower percentage of Haste is a good stat distribution?

I play a BM Hunter. All forums and AMR say Haste is my second most important stat. When I run BIB it says I have a very good stat distribution, yet percentage wise I have much less Haste then Mastery (Crit 26%, Haste 10%, Mastery 34%, Vers 2%). Also, it doesn’t choose gear with more Haste when comparing gear of similar item level and one having more Crit/Haste.

Is there a setting I don’t have right or is this somehow the desire outcome ? I really want to reduce my global cool down time. Thx

Copy the export string from the addon in-game here so others can check what kind of suggestions you are getting.

I read the forum post on the ideal stat distribution and think I understand it now. I have confidence that what is being recommended is good. thanks for the detail in those posts !