How to calculate BiB with spec changes considered (i.e. spec optimizations/comparisons)?

For combat rogues the spec can be either for Maces, Swords/Axe, or Fist/Daggers. I start out with Maces equipped and Mace spec.

If in AMR I change my spec to Fist/Daggers and look for BiB it says I have a 1% DPS upgrade (from current spec [Maces] w/ gear) by changing my weapons to Fist/Daggers with this spec change.

Once I equip the Fist/Daggers and change my spec and go back to AMR and optimize BiB with my spec change to Maces and look for BiB it says I have an 8% DPS upgrade (from new spec [Fist/Daggers] w/ gear) by just changing my weapons to Maces with the Maces spec.

AMR suggests an invalid upgrade because when it compares current upgrade from Maces to Fist/Daggers it can only use 1 spec, and because the spec it is using in the first case is Fist/Daggers spec w/ Maces or Fist/Daggers spec w/ Fist/Daggers, it will of course find that Fist/Daggers are higher DPS.

What the user really wants to know is, which is better:

  • Fist/Daggers spec w/ Fist/Daggers equipped
  • Maces spec w/ Maces equipped
    …and to the best I can tell AMR doesn’t support this, right?

If I am correct, then please consider adding this.

Please can you provide a Snapshot ID for the character in question, to aid in the appraisal of your request? Thank you.

Above BiB, select Help & Create a Snapshot.

You are correct in that we don’t compare across different talent builds right now.

I see what you are saying in this case though… I would have to look if there would be a way to make a limited exception. It can get complicated though… it would have to be pretty limited which might lead to confusion because sometimes it would work and sometimes not.

For example if your talent tree is such that you can’t readily swap Mace Specialization for Close Quarters Combat due to a missing required parent or one of those talents is being used to meet the threshold to move further down the tree, we would have to take a guess at what other talent swaps would be required. Then the ranking gets very ambiguous…

The current limitations of the Ask Mr. Robot (AMR) addon for combat rogues in World of Warcraft could be significantly improved in two ways. I don’t think we need to go as far as to start considering spec optimization by comparing the different spec configurations etc. (although that would be pretty sweet to integrate a simulation tool to provide these across the board style optimizations).

I’m pointing out something even simpler, that should be pretty straight forward to fix:

  • Firstly, when comparing different gear setups and weapon/spec combinations, AMR should use the original spec with the original gear as the baseline for comparison. This would provide a more accurate representation of the actual DPS improvement from changing specs or gear. The problem is that when I change spec to try something new, I’m also changing my baseline spec.
  • Secondly, providing absolute numbers would enable manual capture and comparison of two different specs, each with different gear, and yet allow players to manually calculate the estimated DPS for different weapon and spec combinations, which they could then compare the absolute DPS values between the spec + gear combinations to know what should produce a higher DPS.

Is there a way to see the actual DPS (i.e. not relative percentage) for a given spec + gear combo?