How to change Hitcap

Hi guys,

is it possible to set the hitcap for the ,Best in Bags, to 11% instead of the configured 14%?

Thanks for the help

I feel like something changed recently - as a draenai spriest - I should only need 10%, but now it’s telling me to go up to 14%

I would like to have only 11% but i don`t know where i can change that.

When you do “best in bag” select “customize” and force a minimum stat weight - it should try to keep your right around that number

We have a way to force a minimum, but not a maximum right now.

If you think a stat isn’t matching, give the thread linked below a read first, and if you still think something looks incorrect, post a snapshot and we can take a look.

I also try to do that but i doesnt work. Its alway trying to get a hitcap close to 14%…

I have read all this and I think that I am better weighted with 11% during the raid and it would be very good if you could set a maximum.

What is your use case? Why 11%? If you post a snapshot we can also take a closer look.

I’m now having this issue, started 1-2 days after this thread.
11% hitcap is due to that’s all spriest needs.
11% is set as minimum in the customise tab.

snapshot is a7d9f08ea4b44d739b81a22302bd437d

Clearly pushing 14% hit.

never mind. hit is 3% above as per Hit or Expertise on AMR don't match my character sheet
its the buffs i have setup.

For clarity for anyone else happening upon this thread:

The Misery talent (or the Improved Faerie Fire debuff) gives you 3% spell hit, and the Shadow Focus talent gives another 3% hit but only with shadow spells.

Thus on the character sheet on our site we’ll typically optimize you to around 14% spell hit, since that shows your spell hit that would apply to all spells. We include all always-on buffs/debuffs in our total spell hit since it is a far more useful number to see. So then you’ll end up with ~17% hit with shadow spells.

This results in needing 11% hit from gear sources to reach 17% chance to hit with a shadow priest in WotLK.

It would be nice if we could set it to what we want. I would like to be able to set it to 7% or 8%. We always have a stacked raid. I rarely need more than 210 hit rating.

We will handle everything for spell hit for you automatically. Make sure to turn on all appropriate raid buffs/debuffs in your setup and make sure that your talents match what you are using in-game, and we calculate it all. There should never be a reason to change it for a raid setting.

What use case are you trying to handle where you would want to change it?

I want to select the app to recognize that I have Arc Focus (3%), Precision (3%), Misery (3%) for 9% hit, I only want the app to pick 8% hit on my gear. Mana is no issue and I cast almost 100% arcane, so I am not concerned about Arc Focus only impacting Arcane spells.

The calculations for arcane mage only use arcane spells, so all of those are taken into account in the calculations.