How to Check Buff on Self before casting a heal

I am working on a rotation for my holy paladin. I’m trying to check for whether or not I have the Avenging Wrath buff on myself before casting a heal on a target.

It’s my understanding the using the HasBuff(spell) boolean when I have the “Cast on Allies?” condition checked, then it will check if my TARGET has the buff. I need to first check if i have the buff on mySELF before casting the heal on the target.

Any ideas?

I can double check later (was doing some triage on a website issue), but I believe that it should work as you want it to – it will check yourself for the Avenging Wrath buff. The reason is that Avenging Wrath, the spell itself, is not flagged as an “ally buff” (a buff that you can cast on allies other than yourself). (It is also not flagged as a “debuff”, which means a “buff” cast on an enemy target.) It is a “normal” buff, aka one assumed to always be on yourself.

Therefore, it will always check yourself for the buff when you use HasBuff(AvengingWrath).