How to exclude for TBC Heroic dungeons in BiS?

How to exclude TBC Heroic dungeons from BiS? Also, Zulaman Timed Chest is appearing when I select Dungeons, when Zulaman is considered a raid? Correct! Thanks in advance!

Which version of the game are you referring to?
All BiS optimisers are based around max. level characters & Heroic Zul’Aman is/was L85 (as was), not (current) L60… so BiS is not optimal for the current level that is required.

As for the status of Zul’Aman: yes, it was a Raid, in Classic, but it wasn’t downgraded to a Heroic 5-man until Cataclysm.

(I’m assuming they are referring to the TBC version of the site since they are asking about TBC heroic dungeons!)

Could you provide me with a snapshot to look at your case? To do so, press the “help” link near the big Best in Slot section header, then Create Support Post. Copy the generated ID here. With that I can more easily test why the ZA chest reward is getting through when ZA is not checked.

I don’t think we have an option to differentiate between normal and heroic mode for TBC dungeons on Best in Slot right now… we do on the Upgrade Finder. We could at it to the list of features for BiS though.

Yes, sorry for the delay in response but, I’m referring to TBC version.

Here’s the “snapshot” that you asked for: 814ca8debfb0464abbfd63f0402802ad

As you will notice, my cloak and 2d ring is suggesting Zulaman Timed Chest although raids is not selected, only dungeons.

It would be great that you can add an option to differentiate between normal and heroic mode of TBC dungeons. Otherwise, my family/friends are using AMR and we’re having to Exclude all the gear listed in Heroic mode and Raids that appear, we’re not able to complete those modes yet.

Additionally: 754c7f5c2cde4c76a9fc80103e79127c

BiS neck on my prest is suggesting completing the quest for the Raid: Tempest Keep when Raid is not selected.

Thanks in advance!

I see the exclusion for ZA Chest Reward was added, thank you for that. Will you be able to add the ability to defrentiate Normal and Heroic TBC Dungeons? Thanks in advance!

Yeah it’s on the list still – i put the ZA chest option in because it was a quick change. The other change I should be able to get into the next update.

Thank you so much! It’s truly appreciated.

I posted an update that adds a “Heroic Dungeons” checkbox to the Best in Slot options. It should be checked by default, unchecking it will limit the results to only gear from normal mode dungeons.