How to filter OUT categories in Upgrade Finder?

I’ve got two lower-level Trinkets locked-in in my BiB (Conv of Fates and Chrono Shard), and don’t want to change them due to their superb procs. The Upgrade Finder, though, is suggesting a bazillion trinkets as replacements for them.

How do I suppress all trinkets from showing up in the Upgrade Finder results?

We don’t have a way to hide just one item slot in the Upgrade Finder results right now.

You could filter the results to every other slot, though. We only have inclusive filtering right now, not exclusive - so in the filter box you could type: neck,chest,shoulder,etc. until you have all the slots you want to look at.

Umm… If I start adding more than one slot, it filters to nothing.

“Head” gets me head options. “Neck” gets me necks.
“Head Neck” or “Head, Neck” gets me nothing.

I tried it too xonker. Swol must mean one at a time?

Ah, yeah I guess you can only do one at a time since it combines all the filters. Sorry about that.