How to find "discardable in bags"?

I know how AMR can help me find the best items in my bags. Any tips on the best (most convenient) way to identify those gear pieces that are near guaranteed to not be best in any conceivable future? (i.e., even if I switch specs / even if a patch changes stat weights within the realm of possibility?)

I’ve got a lot of gear taking up space in bags, some multiple tiers below my current best, but I’m always afraid I’ll end up needing it. I’d love to have a fast way to know what I can shard/sell to free up space.

Funny you mention this… a feature like this is on my short list of enhancements to the in-game addon, I also have piles of gear I’d like to have the website sift through for me and then flag them in-game.

I don’t have a specific timeframe… but my big list of things to do looks something like:

  1. Finish up “version 2” of the gearing strategies (in limited beta right now, more details coming soon)
  2. Get 7.2 stuff done
  3. Beef up the in-game addon with this and a couple other long-awaited featurse

So rough estimate: sometime early on in 7.2.


That’s terrific news! Looking forward to it.

Encouraging. I’m sure you can handle your own feature planning but… I could not help jotting down some thoughts


  • Easiest: Eliminate duplicate and redundant items. Example: Helm A has Int Mastery Haste. Helm B has Int Mastery Haste. All stats of B are < stats of A. Therefore easy discard. Complicated by rings and trinkets since you can wear 2.
  • AMR already has a scalar rating system for comparing “better” or “worse” items. If an item is -40000 worse then I probably will never want it. Unless… it’s better in some other spec I care about. There could be a smart cutoff option that is tweakable in options.
  • Relic check: AMR can know the relics in all artifact weapons of all specs. If an 845 life relic is inferior to all specs that you have with life relics then it’s discardable. (Exception is that some of these can be very out of date so user would be motivated to keep them updated or let AMR decide these are unused specs)
  • Option: Never mark anything below [ ] iLevel as discardable. (This should allow you to override and keep these as a buffer)
  • Option: Anything below iLevel is instantly marked discardable? This is possibly redundant but who wants an 840 when their average item level is 890 regardless of their other specs gear?
  • Option: Utilize player’s spec priority list. Discard everything that doesn’t fit other criteria for following specs: [ …] Example: I may not care ever about items for my healing spec except for the very best ilevel
  • Could the date they last did a gear check/update for one of the offspecs they don’t care about be used as criterial?
  • The above is simplifiable if user could indicate just a minimum ilevel item they care about and what specs they really care about.

Note: I’m kind of assuming this is a Best in Bags companion feature since it would require so much evaluation of carried items

Yeah there are a lot of different “thresholds” that could be used for discarding gear – we’ll give it some thought and probably make it configurable. Some people like to save everything unless it’s clearly not worth it (duplicate, lower ilvl version of same item etc.). Other people don’t really care if the chances of something becoming better where they one day to change stat priority would be a 0.2% increase… meh, whatever, won’t feel it. So we’ll give people a spectrum of options to choose from.


Isn’t this covered by the minimum iL threshold… or am I missing something more fundamental?

Can stat’s on items of the same iL be that wide ranging that the comparative ratings in BiB/BiS are far apart as to be (effectively) 5-10 iL lower…? If so, I’ll label myself “informed” by this.

If it’s only 5-10 ilevel then most are close but there are exceptions. One exception is the Unstable Arcanocrystal trinket that is 860 and in some specs is still suggested as best in slot even if your gear is 35 item levels higher.
Trinkets are probably the most drastic example of something with a special proc that can be better than other items of similar or higher item level. And then there’s the exception of the developers just messing up the itemization and making it too good.
I am one of those hoarders. I won’t throw things away unless I have to So when my inventory gets too full I’ll just start searching by lowest item level, easiest to discard is armor.
Before they updated secondary stats in Jan or Feb this task was even harder. Now at least the ilevel has more weight and is more often clearly better.

Still getting rid of stuff is time consuming. But some of it is easily automated. If it was just an item level check you can just type in search “835” and see all the 835 ilevel items in inventory in bank that you’ve picked up in world quests and dump them (after making sure you’ve worn them for transmog) When you get up to 860 range discarding gets more risky.

Set armor also complicates this. For some cases a full set bonus may be worth dropping from a 905 to an 860 or 870 set armor if you don’t have better versions of that slot.

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Quick Question

any News or ETA?

I’d like to try and get to it before Tomb of Sargeras releases… we’ll see. Finishing up a bunch of gearing strategy updates first, then going to update the addon. I try to do everything in the addon all at once, as infrequently as possible, because WoW addons are a total pain to write :wink:

any news or ETA? :slight_smile: My bank is full :stuck_out_tongue:

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Sheesh. This is a fairly low priority feature. I’d like it but I’d much rather have more important functionality than something that players can manually do themselves by checking stat priorities for existing sims and identifying items that can be safely discarded, like, e.g., much older lower ilvl pieces with non-optimal stat combinations.

Major patch has been released as well as GloNet and scripting all the new ToS bosses. I’m sure, like me, you can manually check the pieces you have. I’m a druid and keep multiple sets for four specs, so if I can do it, you can do it :slight_smile:

TD;DR manually check & discard stuff if you need space or wait patiently until the devs have time.

My biggest “fear” about discarding gear is that I might get another legendary that absolutely has to be equipped. Until I got that legendary, I was discarding every other piece of gear for that slot because it wasn’t BiB. I’d like to see the first implementation of this feature be “here are the items to keep for each legendary” and if I get a better backup piece, let me know.

Surely you can just click the existing slotted item in BiB and look at the next best piece in the list to see this.

Choosing which gear to discard can either be really easy or really hard, depending on how aggressive you want to be about freeing up bag/bank space. When we build this feature, we will give a few options to users to control it, and it will take full advantage of the gear optimizer to help you make confident choices.

In theory, clicking the slot in BiB to look at the next best piece should work, but the amount of switching back and forth between the browser and the game and manually keeping track is onerous. Ideally, I’d like some help from the AMR addon (which it looks like I might get).

In the case of legendaries, one possible implementation would be to add an additional gear set for each spec that is populated by “the next best piece for the slot used by this legendary”. I wouldn’t equip this set, but now I have a tooltip on the piece that says “keep this guy, you might need it later”!

I don’t disagree. Your use of “ideally” is apt: I was giving an option for the time being while the feature isn’t available. Though I disagree about alt-tabbing backwards and forwards – you can make a simple list while looking at the options on screen :slight_smile:

The main thrust of my comments on the thread is that this isn’t a feature that must be implemented immediately at the expense of more important, more valuable features currently being worked on :slight_smile: