How to fix rings and/or trinkets just swapped between specs

After doing a find best in bags, two specs use the same rings (or trinkets, I’ve had both issues) but they are swapped between slots. Is there a way to get AMR to use the same order in all specs? Perhaps just sorting them alphabetically? In game, when I look at the specs that are not currently equipped, I’d like to see bolded only those items that are going to change. I don’t want to use the bag space necessary to keep all three specs with me, so I keep my primary and secondary in my bags and put the third one in the bank. The count of bolded items equal the number of slots in my bags (or bank) needed for that spec and serve as a double check for do I have the right stuff in the proper place.

I’d accept a “button” to click which swapped the rings and a “button” to swap the trinkets in game.

Yes; after you’ve done a BiB import TO the game, set the rings/trinkets where you want them & export that to BiB - BiB will then “do as it’s told” and set them where you want them… if you’re asking it to choose, it seems to default the higher iL ( if replacing only one) to ‘slot 2’ despite the human logic to have the higher iL in the first slot; but once BiB ‘knows’ which way round you prefer things, it’ll ‘play nice’.

That said (yellow, Swol, et al); is there any difference to having Rings &/or Trinkets in specific slots?

Sadily, eighjan, this doesn’t work for me. Imported, moved the trinkets, exported, BiB, imported…same problem.

Very annoying, the 875 goes into slot one, the 880 goes into slot two, only on my active spec. Reversed on the other two.

Or do I have to enable Every Spec and magically it’ll remember? There does look like there’s a kerfuffle in the export file, but, yeah, I don’t want to tinker with that.

This… unfortunately