How to Generate an Avoidance Set?

I’ve been blessed with an abundance of Avoidance gear, and I now have multiple ways of hitting the Avoidance cap with the items in my bag. I’d love to be able to generate a BiB as a healer which also optimizes for a minimum amount of avoidance. e.g. “Give me a BiB which gets as close to Avoidance cap as possible without sacrificing too much throughput”

Is such a thing possible with the simulator? I don’t mind if I need to create a custom rotation to accomplish this (though I’ve never done it before).

You could create an “imaginary” strategy that puts a specific cap on avoidance. But, you’d then also have to go through the work of specifically weighting every single special item, which might end up being a big pain.

What you want is pretty hard. There’s really no way to tack on a cap to the adaptive strategies, since the simulation results tell us what gear is optimal. I would probably have to find a way to specifically track damage mitigated by avoidance in the actual simulation to really achieve what you want via simulation. Right now I don’t have avoidance valued at all in the healer simulations. We’d have to edit the boss scripts too to specifically flag damage as AoE. It’s a possibility, I can add it to the list to look at in the future.