How to get a gearing strategy from simulations?

i already have raidbot stat weights, but the option to copy them to AMR is no longer available. Learned this today :smiley:
Now I’ve run the AMR Simulator a few times, tweaking around, doin stuff, messing things up and so on.
That has resulted in a Simulation Report (will try to add a picture).
How will i get a gearing strategy out of this? Do i get any numbers for the secondary stat cake?

in the older addons i could get AMR to giving me a custom best in slot list für my customized stat weights.

Is this still possible for best in slot and best in bags?

Cant find any buttons solving my problems :E
Thanks in advance

A simple simulation only includes data about that specific setup and nothing else while a Gearing Strategy requires data for every single possible combination of items, talents, etc. You’d need (most likely) at least thousands or tens of thousands of different simulations to get enough data to extrapolate a Gearing Strategy from that - somethin that has gotten more and more complicated with newer mechanics like Azerite, Essences, etc. in BfA.

For that reason custom Gearing Strategies haven’t been available for quite some time and while (as far as I know) the AMR team would like to bring those back, it’s quite unlikely because of the amount of data necessary. :confused:

Our default gearing strategies are designed to closely follow simulation results, so it no longer makes sense to create a “custom” gearing strategy based on simulations. It would only make sense if you ran it on a custom script or rotation, but as asashdor said - the amount of data you need to make the type of gearing strategy we use is prohibitive.

Instead, we have been putting more time/effort into the tools to customize the default strategy in the cases where you would like to push the optimizer in a particular direction. We will be following the trends a bit more closely in this expansion and trying to provide some pre-canned customizations for the most common builds where necessary.

Thank you very much for clarification :slight_smile: