How to re-center addon window?

I was playing with the UI Scale setting and when I set it to 0.8 and closed and re-opened the addon, the top of the addon was off of the top of me screen. I can not click any title bar to drag the window back down now. I have tried /reload as well as disabling the addon and re-enabling it.

Any advice?

I found one way to fix this but I would love to have an easier way. here is what I did:

With the game closed, I went to \Games\Blizzard\World of Warcraft_classic_\WTF\Account{account name}\SavedVariables and I opened AskMrRobotClassic.lua. I found the following entry for the toon in questiona nd I deleted the entry:

		["window"] = {
			["top"] = 1198.066162109375,
			["left"] = 318.6298522949219,

When i ran WoW and loaded the toon and the addon, the window was in the middle of my screen again.

Is there a UI way to do this? If not can you 1) code it so you can force the top 1/3 of your UI off the screen when you resize; and 2) add a mini-map icon click option to re-center the UI?


You can type

/amr reset

to reset all of the options and re-center the window.