How to remove old characters from addon memory?


My problem currently is that I server transferred a lot of my characters around a couple of months back and today I finally noticed the shopping list menu in the addon, but I’m currently pretty much unable to use it the way I would want to, because the dropdown list continues way below the edge of my screen as it is populated by dozens of characters from servers I no longer play on.

How can I remove the old characters from the addon memory?
I no longer have those characters in the ‘recent characters’ list on the browser site, so I’m pretty sure that it is not picking them up from there.

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What you may find is also the case is that each spec. of each character is a separate ‘page’ (item) on the drop-down you refer to… may be worth a revisit to confirm which is the case for you.

Aside from that, a ‘wipe’ of the saved variables - /WoW folder/retail*//Saved Variables (not sure on precise path for AMR only SV) - may be what you’re looking for…
*don’t forget the underscores

Hope that helps.

Nope, I currently only have characters on one server and it is showing characters from a total of 5 others as well.

But thanks for the other info, I’ll look into that :slight_smile:

Yeah I don’t have a way to remove characters from the shopping list right now… I can put it on a list of things to add.

For now yeah, you could go into:

C:\Program Files (x86)\World of Warcraft\_retail_\WTF\Account\[your account name]\SavedVariables\AskMrRobot.lua

Open it with any text editor program, and search for the string ["Shopping2"] (exactly like that with the brackets and quotes included). Under that you should see several sections like:

["Player-Server"] = {
    ["setups"] = {
        ["Frost"] = { 
            ... stuff ...
        ... more stuff ...
        ["Blood Raid"] = {
        ["Unholy M+"] = {

You can delete that whole section for a player you don’t want to see anymore. Make sure to do this while WoW is completely closed, then start up the game again.

resurrecting this, because it would be great to have. I have so many alts that the list won’t show all the characters and there isn’t a way to scroll to find characters.