How to reset filters to default?

Well my simple question is - How do you reset all the filters i have set back to ‘default’ values as i am sure i have done something weird and would like to start again so i can be sure it is not something i have done that is causing me anamolous results in upgrades and better than lists



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We don’t have a “reset” feature at the moment, sorry about that… we could add it to the list of future features though.

If you need any help figuring something out, let us know.


I’m guessing you could delete your AMR cookie in your browser, you’ll have to log back in and you’d probably lose the list of recent characters you’ve looked at.
Unless that’s handled via your account on the AMR servers, @yellowfive would have to chime in on that though.

I’ve been wondering about how to get back to defaults too, I’ve changed so many things over countless runs I’ve lost track of things. This is something I’ve thought of but not tried.

Cookie doesn’t store it, all your settings are stored in a database so that you can access them from any computer.