How to run BiB and Gear Finder with an alternative Item?

Hi, this is my first post here :slightly_smiling_face:

So, I want to gear up! (don’t’ we all!?) - so I ran the Upgrade Finder and found me a one handed Dagger I can afford to purchase from the AH. So now I have a few off hand options in my hand. How can I find the BiB off hand with the potential AH purchase I am planning to make? (Do i have to purchase that item to be able find a good pair with it in the BiB section?)

Another thing. I want to run the Gear Finder, but with the potential AH dagger i mentioned above (to search for a off hand item that will run good with the dagger if I actually purchase that dagger?

Thank you

Use the “Add to my bag” search in the Upgrade Finder – you can add the item you’re looking to purchase to your bag, then optimize as if you own it and see how it ranks combined with your other gear.