How to see the combat logs


how do you see the actual amr combat log? i want to compare trinket procs to what i see in game. i picked logs in the “report type” drop down on the set up but am unsure where to see them.

keep up the great work! thanks!

Expand the “Log” section of the report:

Hmm I don’t see that at all. Does it only work with a single great set?

If you run a batch simulation, there is no log – logs only show up for single simulations. (A single simulation itself is a simulation of the same fight done thousands of times and averaged, the log is shown for the first iteration as a representative example of that simulation.)

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To continue this:. The trinket beating abomination core. On amr it’s heal, for the 210 ilvl version, crits for ~20k verse on live ~28k. Further it Sims as far less overall healing. In typical 20-23 dungeons it does my second most healing (adding shield and heal together) after celestial brew verse on amr where it’s hardly procing. How is amr getting it’s numbers?