How to set a stat...?

I play a frost mage and as I understand it I need 33% crit as a priority, is it possible to make Mr Robot prioritise this?

In theory can use custom stat weights and set crit extremly high until you reach a certain cap. But that somewhat defeats the purpose of AMR.
If 33% crit are that important, the simulator should find that out for himself.

The best would be to run a custom gearing strategy for your gear, and then use that. AMR discovers the best stats for you to use - you don’t really need these rough rules of thumb.

In a couple weeks, you won’t even need to run custom gearing strategies, since we’ll have them calculated for you.

From what I can learn, the community guildelines for Frost gearing depend on your spec. For TV, it looks like balance of Crit and Haste are recommended until you reach the shatter cap, then obviously crit loses value and you should focus on haste. The current AMR default is based on this build, and you can actually see how the gearing strategy supports the mage communities conclusions. the highest dps stat combinations usually have ~10000-12000 crit, and most of the rest of the stats are distributed to haste.

However, it looks like the GS build is considered to value Crit much higher, which makes sense since it’s based around shattering an extremely hard hitting spell. The AMR strategy is not built based on this build, so if you are using GS you should run a custom gearing strategy if you want more accurate recommendations. This all is also likely to be solved by the Global Network simulation sims that the AMR team is working on that will have a pre-made gearing strategy for the GS build.

Dangit @Swol, you beat me by like 1 minute.