How to simulate 'random movement' in script?

Because i find some haste really help on those ‘real world scenario’ and right now i can’t for the life of me find a way to make it matter more with the current mythic+ default script (mistweaver)
From my experience a high movement fight with low haste is a complete nightmare sometime
So I wonder is there a way to simulate those kind of fight ?

In script i know you can had a periode were the boss is untargetable.
For healer i’m not sure how.
Pretty sure AMR’s team have a better answers.

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Putting in some easier to incorporate movement for healers is on my short list to add to the simulator. Right now it doesn’t quite work. We’re going to beef up movement in the simulator in general in the near future so that we can script even more stuff.

I don’t know exactly how these scripts work, but as a programmer myself I’d say probably the best way to simulate movement is simply adding range of percentage (I.E 15 to 20%) to interrupt a spell cast with an extra delay before casting the next spell.

While that isn’t simulating movement entirely, it is replicating the symptoms of movement.

You really need to make the player actually move, since each spec has unique movement abilities and mechanics. That movement has to have a distance as well. A monk, for example, can move 20 yards with a roll, while most other healers have to actually run, so an event where you have to move 20 yards will have a very different effect depending on your spec.