How to use your own stat weights

OK so I use to love the old AMR. Not really liking this new system. I cant seem to figure out how to use the stat weights. I enter my weights and then the cap. But when i enter the cap weights i get something so crazy… Need help please.

Critical Strike (to 33.34% Shatter Cap): 1.25
Intellect: 1.00
Haste: 0.99
Versatility: 0.93
Mastery: 0.69
Critical Strike (after 33.34% Shatter Cap): 0.64
i just need to know how to apply this to the stat weights in AMR. for example what would i put as the capped weight for crit for it to give me 33% crit then go to haste and vers?

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Our defaults for frost mage, single-target will essentially do this already (get crit to around that point, balance it with haste, get some versatility too) – you don’t need custom weights for it. You also don’t need to get exactly to 33% crit, that’s simply a point at which crit’s value starts to drop.

But if you do want to enter custom weights, you need to convert them into something meaningful:

  1. Change them from normalized numbers into something that is related to DPS. You could ballpark it by using our default stat weight for intellect, and multiplying all your weights by it.

  2. Enter your cap as the amount of rating on gear you need to get the amount of crit that you want.

And just keep in mind: once you enter your own custom weights, there is a strong chance that the rankings of special effects (set bonuses, legendaries, relics, trinkets) will get a little out of wack. Stat weights are only half the gear ranking problem these days – we have crafted a new system to handle this more complex gearing world that we live in now.

well when i use default stats and go to BiS gear with the gear AMR says is BiS for me my crit goes way down with a buttload of mastery

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I would need more details to look into this one. Our default gearing strategy doesn’t try to get mastery. Maybe you have some filter or options set that is constraining the gear to some choices that is causing that - like if you were only looking at a few bosses in a higher difficulty, and those bosses just happen to have mastery on the gear they drop. Just an example of how that could possibly happen and still be a correct suggestion.

The old AMR was simpler… but gearing was also simpler. What AMR does now is a lot more complicated, but still accurate. The problem is that it is harder to understand, at a glance, WHY Mr. Robot picks what he picks. Other sources of gear advice are still trying to shoe-horn the gear optimization problem into simple rules of thumb. That just doesn’t work very well anymore. There are many combinations of gear/stats that can all be optimal.

Our data-driven approach to theorycraft is good at finding ALL the good options, and then picking the best one for you, based on your settings. And, our approach is particularly good at finding gear solutions that are not obvious. The “simulate” button allows you to test our advice and easily determine if the advice is correct or not. It’s a little harder for Best in Slot, since you’d have to figure out what to compare it to… in your case, if BiS got less mastery, what would it have to sacrifice to do that? Item level? A set bonus? A good trinket proc? There are so many variables now.