Hpals and Versatility BiS/BiB

I have read this post and still have a question.

My question is:
Why does AMR keep reverting to suggesting vers? I see the calculations and I’ve seen your other posts justifying it with your sims, but when it comes to real hard empirical data every single holy paladin that is in the top logs is using crit. Also I am not seeing the big deal about the Darkmoon Deck. It seems that you are using a simulation that is assuming the person is able to use light of dawn on cooldown and that there is always someone to heal. I would like to understand more about why it is suggesting versatility in your actual default vectus simulation strategy. What’s your argument for saying that every mythic paladin using crit is wrong?

In more specific detail. It is recommending that I use honorbound centurion shoulderplates which has the grace of the justicar azerite trait. This trait might be a little over valued. I find that most of the time judging just results in overheal. It’s not too often that everyone in the raid is within 8 yards of the boss and everyone is not at full health. I find that the 370 chitinspine shoulders with the reorigination array trait would give me an extra 240 intellect statically throughout the find and I think this would be better.

Heyo !
I dont play Holy paladin but i use AMR often so this is my point of view.
From the link you’ve shared, AMR is giving a gearing base on mastery :

And it seems ok from my point of view when you know that the boss script have everyone stack up during the vectis fight.

For the darkmoon i’ve done a post about it, the value have been reduce and updated on the website but ranking of this trinket haven’t change mutch. If you go oom it could be the best trinket you could have.

For the azerith trait, same as the mastery gearing, because Vectis is a stack up fight, it may be better.

AMR 's team probably work on more script. If you want to get more accurate result doing a custom script where every one is spread and their is continous dmg could be what you a looking for.

My healer team have an Holy, his job is to heal tank and melee so this gearing seems a good idea.