When I run BIS I get some pretty strange/confusing results.

  1. AMR says that my wind relic should be replaced with Rolling Fog (890ilvl). The problem is that my existing relic has the same ilvl and effect (Tempest of the Heavens 890 +1 rank Jaws of Thunder)?

  2. Ring #2 Ring of the Scoured Clan is recommended as BIS, but I already have it. Same ilvl, same enchants…everything is the same?

You might want to try the following:

  • Check the add-on version # you’re using
  • Equip all spec’s in-game before exporting data - incl. ‘opening’ all Artifact weapons you have
  • Check spec. priority in AMR to match what you’re playing, incl. any custom gearing parameters (Instance levels, iL scope, etc)
    Synch your character with the Armory so that the data string you import from the game doesn’t conflict with what AMR has cached your character as having geared with - the data-string you import doesn’t override the cached data on your last Armory import.

Finally, factor in that AMR, like other sources only ‘advises’ you what is BiS; no site that offers this kind of help is perfect, as no two players with the exact same gear will play 100% the same, 100% of the time… humans are not that perfect.

There are some extra bonus IDs that the game adds to items that seem to have no effect, but make best-in-slot see them as potentially different items. I still have to work out a good way to ignore those without accidentally ignoring something important in the process.