Hunter Ablity Priority

What rotation/priority strategy is being used for survival hunters? I love the addon and website been a user of them for years at this point. Just curious about what is being done in the background to determine the DPS, also would be nice if you could see the generated DPS instead of just a % increase or decrease.

The priority is, of course, based on your talents. I tried to write it in such a way that any talents, even if they are weird, will give a good result for those talents.

For typical Survival talents, I assume a priority very roughly like:
Kill Shot (during execute)
Explosive Shot
Keep Serpent Sting up
Explosive Trap
Aimed Shot
Fill with Steady Shots

We don’t show an absolute number for DPS on the site because it is very hard to generate a number that will match what people see in-game. In order to do that, the encounters people are doing need to be taken into account. The absolute DPS number we calculate will almost always be higher than what people see in-game.

What we are doing is calculating a value assuming a player could perfectly maximize ability use over the given time. This allows us to rank gear very well, since players are constantly striving to get closer and closer to this theoretical value.