Hunter / Eldritch Bow / Vision of Perfection


So, I’m trying to test the theory of using the corrupted bow + vision of perfection minor to get ~1min Aspects, and then lining those up with Worldvein.

But it looks like the bow’s corruption isn’t, by itself, reducing the cooldown of Aspect. Shouldn’t I see higher than 20% uptime, or is that corruption not currently working correctly in AMR sims.

It is working - it will reduce the cooldown of your aspects. It picks a random ability to modify the cooldown of when it procs, so it will only sometimes modify an aspect.

Oh, I see, when I updated it after the change from 1 to 2 seconds, I made an error that broke it. I’ll push a fix to the simulator.

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Nice - Thanks for checking into that bud, much appreciated. Now I’ll just have to stop MD’ing tanks and healing myself, but you know… ONE THING AT A TIME.