Hybrid enchants vs navigation?

Apologies if someone has asked this elsewhere, I couldn’t find it.

I’ve never seen ARM recommend one of the hybrid enchants Machinist’s Brilliance or Force Multiplier for any of my toons. I’ve not run any sims and have no reason to think the BiB is wrong with the pure secondary enchants, but I’m just curious if anyone had any thoughts on why the devs would have introduced them as blue/rare enchants not available until 8.2 as a seeming upgrade if they weren’t going to be upgrades for most players? Was this just devs not doing their homework ahead of time about relative strengths of secondary stats? e.g. when they had to reduce gems to +50 from +60 because they were too strong? Or are there just certain situations where those hybrid enchants would shine?

Thanks for any illumination

Even when they were introduced, they seemed to be side-grades at best for most specs (and the “budget” on those enchants was roughly the same as the old ones too, i.e. they don’t give you more bang for your buck).

And yeah – as people got more and more gear, secondary stats (especially with the corruption multiplier effects) are stronger.

I’m honestly not sure why they added those enchants… the stat is random as well, which doesn’t work as well with builds that like to stack particular secondary stats.