I can't set a threshold for Defense

I am trying to set the defense cap stat for my death knight and I don’t see it listed as a stat to specify.

Use the “crit immune” option – that should get you to the level of defense that most people go for.

only trouble with this is it does it with resilence as well which sacrifices the native parry and dodge that defence gives

I can take a look… it should only use resilience if it can’t quite reach the threshold with defense. Post a snapshot and we can try your specific case.

I don’t see a “crit Immune” option. Why can’t there just be a forced defense option?

If you have a tank spec chosen, you should see the crit immune option in the list.

We have the crit immune option because 99% of the time that’s what people want when they set a defense threshold.

Beyond the crit immune threshold, defense functions almost identically to any other form of avoidance like dodge or parry, and both of those stats are better bang for your buck if you are already crit immune.