I just ran TWing, got the 200 neckpiece

How is BFA HOA neckpiece still out simming TWing gear in SLs. Running your sims are making me the laughing stock. I can’t even make a N raid group due to the gear I’m simming on AMR.

Sounds to me like there’s more involved in this, but compounding the situation with “X source is right & Y source is wrong” isn’t helping.

Can I suggest that you post a Snapshot ID of the character in question, to see what - if anything - IS going wrong: Best in Bags header has a help ‘button’, please click it and generate a snapshot ID from the bottom option.

Thank you.

As eighjan said, we need to see the specific items in question to give you more help, and in the context of your specific character.

The Heart of Azeroth has a much larger budget than items of similar item level – it will be better than many items higher than it. If your higher ilvl neck has unfavorable stats, that gap can get even larger.

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Your 200 neck piece has shitty stats for your spec (full on mastery when it’s the least valued stat for outlaw), so the HoA secondary stat budget of 135 is still close to your 200 neck secondary stat budget of 172 (not much more). There’s nothing wrong with that. AMR also tells you when you click on the neck piece that it’s a +0.00% situation, so likely the two would perform equally well.

Manually simming shows that the optimizer is correct, there is no difference between HoA and your 200 neckpiece: https://www.askmrrobot.com/wow/simulator/report/622ca096a8d24f85a019edb67d6d3580


This… as I implied with my reply.
Entitled - MUCH? (OP; not you, @delroth :slight_smile: )

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Mastery is really a very bad stat for outlaw in multi-target. An item level 200 neck with a ton of mastery on it is going to be particularly weak. There is nothing wrong with this optimization. If you want to wear the higher ilvl item for the stamina, you could do that. It won’t increase your damage, though.

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