I miss the stat priority strategies bar

I know you work hard to improve the site. I really enjoy it to know what gear is best in bags. The new gearing strategy colorful graphics are to this noob confusing. I can’t understand which stat is more important. I rather enjoyed the ‘dumbed’ down previous version. But thats not my real complaint. I just miss the stat priority text that used to sit under the top portion of page under the strategy section. Any thoughts of bringing that one line back? I have been using Icy Veins site for stat priority because yours is missing with new update. I know I am being fussy. I am a casual player and your site is very benefical, just a bit hard to me to understand alot of it.

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They’re trying to move away from weights, as quite often you don’t want to stack one stat at the exclusion of everything else. If you really want to use them, though, you can select one of the default strategies in the bar at the top and then click on the “View/Edit Strategy” button above the bar. Then, check the “Use Stat Weights” box and click the “Save and Use” button. You will then be able to select this strategy on the Gear Optimizer page. Keep in mind, though, that using stat weights will be less accurate than the machine learning methods.

Edit: In case it wasn’t clear, this will make the Haste > Mastery > Crit line show up again. It’s just that such a line doesn’t really work with the machine learning methods.

… or maybe add ‘you are here’ markers to the stat. bars, so it’s clearer what we need to add more of/lose some of…

I get that as long as we have an amount within the brighter parts of the bars, we’re good… but if we can’t tell where we are (for whatever reason)…

We are gathering feedback on the new graphic. Putting “you are here” ticks on the bars has been suggested a few times… but it is problematic.

The reason we changed it is because there are so many different optimal combinations of stats. You could get more crit OR less crit and be more optimal than you are now, as one example.

What we are trying to show people is that “simple” stat priorities and goals don’t really work. They limit you too much and exclude many viable gearing options. Our site will find the best stats for you. What we want to try to explain is why it does what it does. You can’t really do it in your head, so simple stats priorities aren’t that useful to you. The magnitude of the bars gives you a general idea of how good each stat is. Read it like a bar chart.

We will keep iterating on the idea in the coming weeks.

@ gint271 I found your advice very helpful and easy to understand. I tried both options ‘AMR single default’ and then ‘use stats weight’. Found there was a significant difference in dps benefits. default was a 67 percent increase and using Icy Veins stats was only 42 percent dps increase. So Mr. Robot’s certainly seems to be doing a better job. My question is…I thought haste was more beneficial since faster spell rotation meant better dps. Is Icy Veins stats no longer any good? I am not a raider, so looking for easier way to judge what gear to equip. I took a screenie of my results. But don’t think I can post it.

I don’t really have an answer for you. I don’t know where Icy Veins gets their numbers from, or how recently they’ve been updated with all the balance patches/hotfixes recently. I’m sure either source will serve you well enough, though.

Also, I don’t know what class you play, but haste isn’t always the best stat.

@ gint271 balance druid was my toon at this questioning.And icy veins has haste as first over the rest. But this seems mute now as mr. robots dps increase over icy veins pitiful increase already made the decision for me. Was just wanting someone else’s opinion…thanks for making a useful post.

I have an idea.
When you say: [quote=“Swol, post:4, topic:1306”]
get more crit OR less crit and be more optimal
It’s like a multidimensionnal problem ? In 3 dimension, a montain is our DPS. Climbing the montain, it’s like improving our DPS. You can climb the mountain by two direction : x or y.
In our case we have multiple stats so multiple dimension xCrit, xMast, xHaste, xVers. So it’s a 5 dimension.

You could use the representation use in Correlations methodes in Stats:

Because it’s not a good reprenstation for everyone. Use the topographic visual. A green area : high DPS, red one : lower DPS.

But i’m not sure if everyone can read this kind of graphics. Other problem, you only have few points on this so it will be difficult to show a nice shape. If you put a point with “You are here”, you can see where you have to go : more mastery, less haste for example.

So summaryse, it’s 5 Graph who compare every stats bettween them. I not convinced by the visual improvement of this. But’s it’s an idea.

Edit : i should have put that in the other thread… After thinking about it there is a big problem.Always the same, it will not be a clean shape to show, but some kind of pixel art with green everywherre and yellow everywhere…

We actually started out with this type of “heat map” visual… but quickly ran into problems, since it can’t show certain solutions.

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