I think this is a minor gem bug wotlk


Seems like it chose the wrong place to put the nightmare tear. Is it just because its a 245? I have a 6 stat gem in one of my pieces already and could just make it a 10 stat one but was going to save it for now I think anyway, just wanted to point out it isn’t optimal

Thanks for the report – yeah it would be slightly more optimal to activate the socket bonus on the waist item with the tear.

We can try to tweak the optimizer a bit… there are so many gem combinations that it doesn’t try every possible combination, so from time to time it will miss a potential solution, and tweaks can turn into a “wack a mole” situation where it is now better for cases like “A” but worse for cases like “B”.

That said, it will never be far off the theoretical maximum (in this case we’re talking less than 0.1% which will be imperceptible in-game). We try to hit a good balance between speed and accuracy. Guaranteeing that last 0.1% can increase run times by a factor of 10x or more.