I want to help with Dragonflight sims


I have been using AskMrRobot for a while to do my sims and quick use it for quick check of gear when drops come. Love it!

I have finally upgraded from a potato PC and have had a glonet worker on the go for the last week or so. I really want to help when you start all the dragonflight sims but whenever I check in on the PC it looks like no simulations have happened. My questions are do I get a feed in the client saying what sims have been run? Also, when is a good time to have it running to help for sims dragonflight or otherwise?

Keep being awesome.

Hey !

Glonet generally run 1 week or 2 max before the lunch of the expansion and few weeks after.
It’s due mostly to the last minute ranking/balancing blizzard do.

For now AMR’s team is working on wowlk and probably soon-ich will work on implementing talents
So you have time, my sims client is for now afk

Brill thanks,

I will definitely have it up and running for then.

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