ICC Chill of the Throne

Hello, maybe I haven’t found the right path or the right setup yet. Is there a way to create a specific tank outfit for ICC as a Paladin? Currently, I can’t figure out how to account for the “Chill of the Throne” 20% dodge reduction. Is there a solution?

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We can add a setting to turn Chill of the Throne on/off.

edit: I’m going to enable Chill of the Throne behind the scenes in today’s update, but I don’t have time to add the UI option to enable/disable. I’ll try to add that tomorrow or Thursday sometime.

Thats realy cool, thank you

Is it already implemented? I’m not sure where to look for it.

I didn’t end up getting to adding the UI options before the holidays (and also adjusting the char sheet stat display to have the 20% dodge reduction removed from the total).

I’m working on a few things this week, and plan to do an update early next week (Monday or Tuesday) and will have the UI changes for this in that site update.

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We will be doing an update later tonight that will have this on by default, and a new “Disable -20% Dodge” option under Best in Bags and Best in Slot.

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