Ignore an enchant

Is there any way to ignore a specific enchant. With weapon enchants being silly prices at the mo and weapon will be replaced pretty soon (I hope), I really do not want to enchant it. But clicking “Remove enchant” does not lock it to that option so as soon as you re-optimise the enchant is put back on.
Or are the weapon enchants not going to make a difference to the other enchants/gems/equipment selections ?

We don’t have an option to exclude a specific enchant. There are options to set the quality of enchant you are willing to consider. You can also lock in an enchant - like you could lock in a cheaper one for the time being.

I thought there was no option which is a shame.
All the weapon enchants are 10k+ at the mo and just not worth putting on a 340 weapon. I know they will drop in price eventually, but that could be a while.
I guess my only option is to just ignore it.

What is the point of the “Remove Enchant” button ?

Just lock in a weapon enchant e.g. one of the Sophic ones and ignore it – it won’t impact your other gear/enchant choices at all.

Remove enchant probably doesn’t matter for Best in Bags, but the enchant picker widget has been used in many places on the site over the years.