I'm dumb lol and need help

I know that this possibly has been asked before but I’m not finding anything on this.
My question it this when checking gear on the best in bags I have in my bags Nefarious Tormentor’s Breastplate it is a 445 ilvl item and has better stats that what i have on which is Honorbound Vanguard’s Chainmail 435 ilvl when i check it on the optimizer for bib it tells me that the honorbound item is better which is hard to believe in my opinion
Why is the Question

I would upload what I’m seeing on the optimizer but I don’t remember how to lol

Press the Help link next to Best in Bags, then click Create support post.

Copy and paste the string of letters and numbers it gives you here and we can help you more.

Ty for that part
hope this shows what i’m talking about as it doesn’t show the item


The 445 nefarious tormentor item is just about equal to the 430 item you have on because the traits aren’t as good. The worse traits offset the gain from the stats.