Import Best in Slot

Is there any way to import the Best in Slot Gear to my AMR Addon ingame, so i don’t have to minimize and check it on the Website?

I also bought Premium and wonder if i had to setup something in the addon.

I do not think this is currently an option, since you wouldn’t be able to equip the gear, since you don’t have it.

That said, “BiS” becomes very much useless with the potential to get m+ rewards and the secondary stats being so extremely close to one another, min maxing is more about a balance between the stats than going for anything “BiS”. This means your “BiS” except for 3 azerite items and 2 trinkets… will always be the higher ilevel due to primary stats.
So it seems like something that would not be used too often, except for the top players, and even than it wouldn’t be of much use for 11 out of 16 slots.