Importing Pawn String For Stat Weights

I wish I could import pawn strings or at least use the Vers, Crit, Haste, mastery weighted numbers as the way of inputting my desired outcomes for gear. Because trying to figure out what very customizable # for the weighted stats feels awful.

We do not use stat weights to rank gear, so inputting stat weights would be incompatible with our gear ranking system. Sorry about that! We stopped using stat weights beginning with the legion expansion.

For convenience, we have a pawn string export to give people some rough point-in-time estimates that work with the pawn addon to help see at a glance how good an item could be. But, we couldn’t do an entire optimization of gear using stat weights that would get even close to the quality our mathematical models reach.

The custom stats section where we let people use the pie chart to set ratios of stats allows people to push the optimizer toward certain stats, but once you are using that, we really have no idea how “good” the results are. If you had a weight of 2.0 for crit and 1.0 for haste - does that mean you want twice as much crit as haste? Maybe it could be as simple as that.

Yea I ended up running some % tests in simc and looking at preferred weights then I took that and got the results I wanted I was hoping I could just put a scale factor instead but I still love the app. I have one other question though. What happened to the Tuf rating that used to be shown? I used to import tanks who had completed higher keys to see their scores and why there were that way but I can no longer do that? Like the site used to show so much information. And I thought when I rebought premium it would do that again. But currently its just saying like a +7% and that’s all I get. I even looked up old pictures people posted of AMR and it was so different now can I get to see those things through an “advanced” option or something? Yea even in AMR’s old guide posts and things its showing the same pictures and even talks about things like showing TMI as an additional stat to look at. Is there anyway to get this all back?

A lot of that information was tied to the simulator, which we decided not to continue maintaining for Dragonflight. “TUF” was a metric we came up with to measure tank score from simulations - we think it worked well overall. TMI is another score you can calculate from a tank simulation. Without a simulation, those metrics don’t make much sense.

We moved away from simulation because it’s too slow for how the game has evolved. The talent trees exploded the potential setups that need to be examined to generate a scoring function the optimizer can use. We were already pushing the limits before the talent trees were put in.

I certainly understand how it feels like there is less information - to some extent that’s true. You can’t mess around with tank simulations like before. The trade-off is that we are able to rank gear for any talent setup on the fly, which is ultimately the most useful function of the website, so that is what we had to prioritize.