Importing Rotations from Warcraft Logs/WoWLazyMacros

Due to some physical limitations I use WoWLazyMacros to create one-button macros to play my characters. In short it is just allows you to make one big macro instead of multiple and their can be of unlimited size. This means I have a set rotation I use and I was trying to change the rotation that AMR uses to calculate DPS, but I could not understand the videos or instructions provided in the various forums on here, reddit, and YouTube. Then I was using WarcraftLogs website and saw that they have a graph of my rotation and a way to export it into CSV format and I was wondering is there a simple way to import that into the rotations for AMR? Even better if it could import something from WoWLazyMacros and create a rotation, but that seems like a stretch.

Sorry, we don’t have any way to automatically create a rotation.

It would be an insanely difficult programming problem to take a log and then backwards engineer a priority-based rotation from it.

If there are specific changes you want to make to how a rotation is being played in the simulator, there are numerous people on the forums here who could help you out, but we’d need specifics about what you are trying to do.

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I could help you to understand the rotation of mostly any class if you want, i just need you to give me the wich one you want.
You have two solution : begin from scratch and make yours rotation, or take the current one and add modification.
Can you link the “wowlogs” where you see you rotation? Because i’m curious on how you can see your “rotation”. For me you can only see the time line and see what you casted and when.

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Right now I am trying to work on my Demonology Warlock, but as I mentioned, I do not understand what I am doing well enough so when I looked at the ‘timeline’ from Warcraft Logs I thought it was somehow a rotation. See picture here:

And here is a link to the actual log: Gajilock Gororth Normal

Here is my macro, which is imported into the Gnome Sequencer Enhanced addon. This is what I use for raiding allowing me to get one button for an entire rotation and what I am trying to turn into a rotation in AMR:

/castsequence [nochanneling] Demonbolt, Call Dreadstalkers, Demonic Empowerment, Life Tap
/castsequence [nochanneling] Demonbolt, Hand of Gul'dan, Demonic Empowerment
/castsequence [nochanneling] Summon Doomguard, Demonic Empowerment
/castsequence [nochanneling] Demonbolt, Hand of Gul'dan, Call Dreadstalkers, Thal'kiel's Consumption
/castsequence [nochanneling] Demonbolt, Demonbolt, Grimoire: Felguard, Demonic Empowerment
/cast [nochanneling] Command Demon
/cast [nochanneling] Demonbolt

How does that macro even work? I don’t know how that actually picks the actions for you?

Should just walk thorugh the spells one by one in order.

What Spy said just about covers it. If you want a little more understanding I found a nice little video about GSE2
One Button Macro Guide - GSE2 Basics - WoW 7.2+.

This is the intermediate video: Gnome Sequencer Enhanced 2: Intermediate Guide - Creating and editing One Button Macros - WoW 7.2

If you prefer a written guide, this is the one I used. Gnome Sequencer for Idiots – Ask and you will be answered

I see. So you just use a set sequence of abilities.

That is actually really hard to do in our simulator, since the simulator is set up to accept an action list as the input which operates as a priority queue, not as a sequence. If I understand these macros right, it goes through all the actions in order before it checks any action again.

We would probably have to create a special “sequence” type action list that will do all the spells in that exact order. I’ve sort of “hacked” this behavior in the Assassination rotation where I created an opener - but even then it has some conditions that cause it to be variable.

Again forgive me if I misunderstand or sound stupid. Since it uses a priority, could it be set so the following spells only execute if the first one does/can’t?

For example (try to hold back the laughter at this butchering of code):
Line1: /cast demonbolt
Line2: If [(demonbolt successful OR not possible) AND if notchanneling] cast Call Dreadstalkers
and so forth?

Well, Demonbolt is always possible unless you have to life tap. So, you have to set it up the other way:

Call Dreadstalkers

So whenever you can’t use Call Dreadstalkers, you would demonbolt. The problem is that you generally only want to use Hand of Gul’dan if you have 4+ soul shards. I’m not sure how you make that happen with a cast sequence macro.